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Finding Customers & Closing Sales Using Twitter

Most of us consider Twitter a promotional tool, but companies ranging from local burrito shops to Dell are using it to find leads and close business.


Connect with Customers Instead of just announcing new products or promoting your blog on Twitter, reach out to your customers. Boloco, a local Boston burrito restaurant with 16 locations runs ads in local papers that include a $3 off coupon. The owner decided to take a picture of the coupon and post it on Twitter, he tweeted that they would accept a print out or even just showing the coupon on a phone. The restaurant usually accepts 350 coupons when they run one of these ads, after using Twitter they received 900.

On a larger scale, Dell Outet recently acknowledged that they had made $3 million in sales over two years using Twitter, primarily posting coupon codes. @DellOutlet has over 1,000,000 followers.

Track Mentions & Save Searches
Use Twitter to track what people are saying about your company. Many Twitter applications like Tweetdeck let you track “mentions” which will allow you to see what your followers as well as non-followers are saying about you.

But you will only get notified of a mention if someone uses @yourusername specifically. How do you track what people are saying about you in a simple post? What are they saying about your competitors or specific things relating to your industry? Create a custom search; Simply search for your desired keywords on Twitter and then save your search (see image). Twitter also has an advanced search feature: There are many widgets for tracking your search criteria as well as features built in to many of the popular Twitter applications:


Give your company personality, even deal with disgruntled customers
Give your company a human face by interacting when your company is being discussed. Boloco’s owner weighs in with his Twitter followers to encourage them to visit his restaurant when they are pondering where to go eat on a Friday night.

A Denver area Ace Hardware owner, uses monitter to search Twitter for both keywords and locations of tweeters. One day, he flagged a Denver man worrying about insects in his lawn. He was able to tweet to him about the benefits of using lady bugs to manage lawn pests. The man ended up coming in to the store and buying lady bugs.

The same Ace Hardware owner also caught a customer complaining about a broken tool. He reached out to him and informed him that Ace tools had a lifetime guarantee. The man went from angry to extremely impressed.

In conclusion, if you are not using Twitter there is no reason not to give it a try. It is free and it is not time consuming. If you are already using Twitter to promote your company, I’d encourage you to try taking advantage of Twitter in some of these creative ways.

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  1. Great post, Dan. Another great example that this post reminded me of is Woopra, a great analytics tool. They use Twitter to surprise their followers with instant approval for new site inclusions on their beta product. Typically their approvals take weeks.

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