Bottlecapdev – The present Shopify Review I will go over the upsides and downsides of utilizing Shopify to offer on the web. Web based business has turned into a multi-billion dollar industry. What is one of a kind about it however is that it’s not simply associations that are exploiting this. Consistently people like you and I are presently ready to make his or her own online store and benefit from them! Maybe the most prevalent across the board online business stage to date is Shopify. I am here to reveal to you why and what to pay special mind to in the present Shopify Review.

shopify review

Shopify is a total web based business arrangement that enables you to set up an online store to offer your merchandise. Based out of Canada, they have turned into an overall powerhouse. This multi-billion dollar organization has seen its stock ascent massively since it’s discharge date in 2006. Furthermore, with its ascent in stock the stage itself has turned out to be increasingly tweaked to client’s needs finished the years. Quick forward to today in 2017 and Shopify is your across the board internet business stage. Not at all like different CMSs, Shopify was made particularly for web based business. Meaning the world on that stage is tied in with SELLING on the web. From displaying items, to setting up transportation and satisfaction operations. Regardless of whether you are offering your own items or drop shipping items from a merchant, Shopify makes offering on the web to a great degree simple.


Shopify’s is a real, robust shopping cart system. No other website builders are close.

  • Shopify has lots of solid themes to choose from.
  • Shopify integrates with over 70 Payment Gateways. Most ecommerce website builders will cover the basic payment gateways: PayPal and Stripe. But Shopify goes far beyond that.
  • The iPhone app notifies you when new orders arrive, helps you track analytics and keeps you connected with customers.
  • Taxes are easy with Shopify. For example, I’m Canadian and taxes can be a little confusing when you’re selling to the US. But Shopify setup default tax rates for me.
  • Shopify has a very large app store that significantly extend the functionality of your store. Shopify has the most developed app store I’ve seen in a website builder and it’s an invaluable tool for extending your store beyond the built-in Shopify functionality.
  • Shopify allows you to set up customer accounts.  And while customer accounts may seem like a simple feature, it’s actually quite complex to pull off. You’ll be unlikely to find another website builder that offers it.
  • Most Shopify themes are mobile friendly. And with mobile ecommerce growing at such a quick rate, this will be a big win for most stores!
  • Shopify has its own, built-in payment gateway (Shopify Payments). Merchants offers two huge advantages: you don’t pay any transaction fees and it’s completely integrated with the Shopify admin.


  1. If you are just running a very basic ecommerce website with a few transactions each month, Shopify might be a little too much functionality and cost for you.
  2. Shopify’s website builder is limited. I think it’s important to be clear about this. Shopify is a great ecommerce builder and a limited website builder.
  3. Stylistically there’s plenty you can do to customize the colors and fonts used in themes. But unfortunately there seemed to be very little you can do with the structure of the templates (without diving into the code).


Shopify does a remarkable job of making life simple for the ecommerce new comers who need constant guidance and simplification, whilst offering more a range of more advanced options and features for seasoned ecommerce professionals.

  • No third-party hosting required.
  • Customer and sales trends and insights can be gathered via the admin panel
  • Shopify is extremely quick and easy to set up, creating your store within minutes.
  • A 14-day free trial helps you get used to things before committing your payment details.
  • The updates of Shopify 2 greatly expand the potential of Shopify, bringing new features and capabilities to merchans on a variety of levels.
  • Migrating your store from a host of other platforms, or uploading products from a CSV file is incredibly easy.
  • The wide range of themes on offer can be customized in terms of colour, font, images, and even more thanks to theme HTML, CSS & JS access.
  • Enhanced abilities including partial-refunds, improved search filters and SEO friendly meta descriptions help round off Shopify’s robust platform.
  • Customer support, discussion boards and even specially hired Shopify professionals are al on hand to provide assistance.
  • Google Shopping integration is easier than ever before, thanks to Shopify’s introduction of product bar codes.
  • The new admin panel is incredibly easy to use, understand and navigate, allowing you to upload products, make blog posts and create customer discounts in no time at all.


  1. Shopify offers just 19 free themes, with the rest of the selection ranging in price from between $80 and $180.
  2. An FAQ page within the admin panel, or an optional guided tutorial would greatly benefit merchants who are only just exploring the world of ecommerce.
  3. The two cheapest price plans each come with a 2% transaction fee, whilst the third offers a reduced 1% fee. These fees, alongside PayPal fees and Shopify’s original monthly subscription, amount to quite a hefty sum, which will no doubt eat into any profits. [Note: If you use Shopify Payments, the transaction fees are waived]

eCommerce Platforms

Almost everything you need to run your own online store is taken care of by a distinct feature.

  • It literally takes minutes to open and create a basic store; and from there it is easy to create something absolutely stunning.
  • One of the biggest App Stores out of all ecommerce solutions.
  • Formidable content management system (CMS) that make managing your site content very simple
  • One area where Shopify really excels is their themes and their design; the company offers some of the most professional looking themes of any ecommerce platform.
  • Inventory management is an important part of running your store, and Shopify has you covered in this area too.
  • Built in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) features your site will easily be found on all major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Shopify offer Shopify POS. This includes everything you need to sell your products offline, both on the software and hardware side.
  • Shopify has one of the best customer support in the industry. Regardless of which pricing plan you decide on the company has 24/7 full customer support, this includes phone support as well as chat and email support.
  • One of the most complete dashboards or control panels I have ever seen. You can manage your website content, products, orders, discount codes, and sales reporting all directly in your dashboard.
  • Security is taken very seriously in ecommerce and therefore they have created their shopping cart platform as well as their hosting to be Level 1 PCI DSS compliant, in other words your data is secured. All pricing plans offer 128-bit Free SSL certificate at no added cost.


Independent Transaction fees struction can get a little confusing. Shopify offer both in-house and third party payment processor. Each gateways comes with their own transaction fees.  I strongly advice that you familiarize yourself with these before signing up, as you might otherwise be surprised at just how much is charged as a fee.

In the end there is a give and take for every and any e-commerce solution. I will say that I highly suggest to ANYONE starting off, to take a look at Shopify. It is simple and easy to use, they offer fast websites, and they are trusted by some of the biggest names in the industry. I personally use it to sell online and will continue to do so. Of course as with anything you should do your research and experiment with other options.

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