Bottlecap dev design ideas

At the point when Aurelie de Sousa, also called Ellie, isn’t planning or showing, she adores to make high quality cleanser that conveys a feeling of compelling artwork to your every day schedule. Joining a whirlpool of various hues, examples and scents, these craftsman shower time treats demonstrate a genuine enthusiasm for herbalism, perfumery and art.

“Since I was a youngster I’ve generally adored herbalism, fragrance based treatment and the sincerely rich domain of perfumery. In cleanser making, I can consolidate the greater part of this,” clarifies Ellie. “Each of my items is remarkably defined in view of nature’s drug store joining vegetable oils, fundamental oils, scents and organic concentrates.

“The best of this is not exclusively would i be able to make a skin-adoring common cleanser with rich and skin cherishing fixings yet I can likewise transform it into something lovely. The hues, the shape, the surface, the fixings are precisely picked deduction on the connection amongst plan and capacity.”

Ellie’s most loved fixings to use in her cleansers are initiated charcoal, Japanese green tea leaves, ocean growth, espresso beans, flower petals and shea


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