Tips for Driving Repeat Sales Online

Regardless of whether you’ve been running an online store for a half year or 6+ years, it’s a ceaseless fight to win changes. With normal truck deserting rates floating around 68% – a blend of new and returning clients – you need to do all that you can to both get new clients and get them spend more cash and change over when they return. Here are some awesome tips from a portion of the most honed minds in the showcasing and web based business ventures to enable you to drive more rehash business in your online store.

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1. Focus on Building Consumer Trust

“Trust is the glue on a successful long-term relationship, whether it’s between romantic partners or a retailer and their customers, and it also happens to be the natural result of honesty and consistency.

Earning a consumer’s trust is the first step to creating a brand evangelist that will share their positive experiences with their friends and family. According to a recent study by Forbes, 81% of respondents indicated that their friends and family directly influence their purchase decisions. That’s an amazing asset to retailers who are able to win consumers’ trust.” Glori Blatt – GoGrit

2. Don’t Invest in Paid Ads Too Early

“Once you’ve got a steady, predictable stream of traffic coming in, you can begin focusing on improving user experience and conversions, and even more importantly, capturing emails to build and nurture an email list.

You may have heard lots of good things about Facebook ads, but I recommend not focusing on Facebook paid traffic at first. Facebook is great for driving traffic to generate leads, which you can turn into customers over time.

3. Intertwine your email and social

Frank Hatchett is the man behind Online Dimes, an incredible resource for entrepreneurs looking to understand key ecommerce growth strategies. He also runs a huge 20,000+ person Facebook group, Online Samurais, which explores all facets of online marketing — including how people make money by giving away free products.

His go-to tip for ecommerce entrepreneurs is cross-targeting through Facebook and email. When you can intertwine both email and social, you are often capable of having a higher conversion rate. As an example, when you’re targeting cold traffic on Facebook, you need to have a retargeting option set up so people can familiarize themselves with your company.


4. Maximize email to convert customers

Susan Bradley is a seasoned ecommerce entrepreneur who learned scalability through her store, Wee Squeak. She also runs The Social Sales Girls, a program that teaches ecommerce.

Bradley advocates for utilizing email to convert customers. Lead generation is a crucial part of email strategy, and to boost your email list, it’s often good to use lead magnets. She recommends using Infusionsoft, a key automation tool for small businesses looking to grow.

5. Use (and maximize) a funnel approach

Terry Arsenault runs a few ecommerce stores (like Leafwood) while leading a digital marketing agency, Shopidd. He also started the Shopify Ecommerce Group on Facebook, which has over 10,000 members.  Dan Dasilva is an ecommerce entrepreneur who runs Ecom Dudes, one of the best ecommerce resources online today. He has run multiple stores of his own and now coaches over 4,000 students through his programs.

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